Referral Credits

The below promotional offer expires 2014/08/01 at 12am PST.

As systems for the control panel are starting to come together. I’ve decided to offer some incentive options for referrals.

Option 1: 5% off your Monthly additional charges (bandwidth, disk space, backups, db space, email space, dedicated IP) for 1 node. As long as your referred customer keeps their subscription.

Option 2: 100$ credit to your account for every 12 months your referred customer pays for server service (If the referred customer pays for 12 months now and then in 12 months pays for another 12 months you’ll get 200$ in account credit).

Each customer referred allows one of the two options for referral credit.

Essentially if you refer 32 customers to CLDMV your hosting is free (assuming 1 node in use) as long as those 32 customers keep service.

Note: Account credit is only redeemable for services and invoices. It is not redeemable for cash/money.

What is a node you may ask. A node is specified as a single domain/application. IE say you run and, each is a single node on our servers. Thus you are running 2 nodes.