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Updates to Web Server

There was a bug affecting a few clients where they could not delete files in the root of their html folders. This has been fixed. I also have a process running every day now to ensure this doesn’t happen again. The following files will server up a default file if they are not found in the html root folder:

  • robots.txt
  • favicon.ico
  • favicon.png

The default robots.txt only had one rule which is to tell all bots to limit their crawl rate to 1 page per second. Any client can place their own custom robots.txt or favicon.ico in their html root and that file will be served up instead. Some additional cleanup and security was done to the FTP service. Namely when you log into the FTP, clients will only see folders which you can actually do stuff in now. Some of which are just backup or log folders which clients can only (most of them) download the files.

Database backup system bugs

A bug was found in the database backup system. This has been resolved. The bug was an issue with the backup system not properly removing old backups when it came to the database backups. HTML backups were being removed correctly though.

As a result of more coding the database backup system now supports sending the backup file to the correct website which the database is used for. For those using multiple sites and/or multiple databases.