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Crons are here

While there is still no control panel yet. The system now supports schedules crons. These crons can be set at a min interval of 5 minutes and are easily modified. So once the control panel is in place it will be easy to implement it into the panel.

Currently I have already setup the crons manually that were needed for some clients. If you need any crons setup for now just send me an email.

Note: These crons have a low priority in order to keep the server running smoothly. (nice commanded)

PHP CLI added, crons to come soon

PHP has been added to the shells. There was a bug with the mysql side of this that didn’t let PHP load the mysql extensions. Now that that is fixed PHP can properly be used through the command line for each user.

With this being fixed cron jobs will be the second thing on my list to implement into the control panel.